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Tuesday | April 12, 2016
8:45am to 4:00pm

Milwaukee School of Engineering
Alumni Partnership Center (APC)
1120 N. Broadway Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Hosted by MSOE
"Welding, Brazing, and Joining Technologies"

In the full day 58th Annual H.R. Bergmann Memorial Seminar, our presenters will share their expertise on new and traditional welding and joining technologies. Topics covered will include friction stir welding, soldering, brazing, solidification cracking, and more. It has been estimated that welding, brazing, and joining impacts more than 50 percent of the products manufactured in the United States. Almost every segment of our economy depends, to some degree, on welding and joining of metals. Fundamental to these processes is the metallurgy of a joint, process variables such as weld thermal cycle, reactions in the molten pool during joining, flux composition, contaminants, and much more which significantly affect the heat-affected zone (HAZ) microstructures and ultimately, mechanical properties of the component. An understanding of key variables, such as these, as well as risks associated with improper joint design and joint flaws is essential for engineers and technicians exposed to any of the plethora of modern joining techniques. As a field, welding and joining is time-honored, yet ever-advancing. With new technologies comes new opportunity to learn about them.
The topics and presentations are geared towards engineers and welding technologists in design, manufacturing, product development, R&D, and quality control fields.

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